Professional Land Surveying Services

We Survey the Field

The numbers never lie, but they need to be interpreted for clients. The Vogel Engineering Survey Department is led by professionals who possess significant experience and are trained in using the latest equipment, methods, and software. Our approach to this service is similar to everything else we do at Vogel Engineering - every survey is performed accurately and correctly. Time is always a factor, and our professional surveyors work effectively without sacrificing accuracy.

We regularly perform various types of surveys, including:

  • ALTA / ACSM Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Boundry Surveys
  • As Built Surveys
  • Condominium Surveys
  • Location Surveys
  • Location Surveys
  • Builder Phase Services

Vogel Engineering's survey team is responsive to the client's needs and is supported by our experienced, and industry-knowledgeable staff.

We prepare:

  • Easement plats
  • Deed and property mosaics
  • Subdivision plats
  • Minor subdivision plats
  • Septic certification plats

After every survey is completed, the results are communicated directly to our clients. This initial compilation of data is vital to the evolution and successful completion of a project. We also translate the final engineering design back to the field for construction. At Vogel, we are always available to answer questions and provide consulting and insight.

For more information contact us today at 410-461-7666.