Land Development & Planning Services

Thoughtful and creative land planning is the key to a successful land development project - it's where it all begins. Our professionals review every facet of the property that is being slated for development, including site analysis, environmental impact studies, and legal implications. We also spend time researching zoning regulations, topography, and other constraints to identify potential obstacles and impediments. We rely on our experience and research to prepare a plan that is acceptable to the affected parties and is sensitive to the community's requirements and preferences.

Our land development and site planning experience includes:

Residential Site Planning - Single family attached, single family detached, multi family, age restricted and mixed use.

Industrial Site Planning - Warehouse, manufacturing and land development projects.

Commercial Site Planning - Retail and office land development projects.

Institutuinal Site Planning - Religious facilities and assisted living, schools, day care, recreational facilities, funeral homes and cemetaries.

At each step, we ask ourselves tough questions to keep our team on target. The ultimate goal is to make sure the process generates a project that fulfills our clients' needs and fits within the public landscape. Our communication to the client is constant - and designed to create useful, informative dialogue. A client's valuable input, in addition to the expertise provided by Vogel Engineering, creates a synergy that produces successful results.

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